Leishmania Strain Reference List


Leishmania Strain Reference List
Leishmania Species (ICN)sort iconLocationInternational Code Number
L.(L.)mexicanaNew WorldMHOM/BZ/1982/BEL21+
L.(L.)pifanoiNew WorldMHOM/VE/1957/LL1+
L.(L.)tropicaOld WorldMHOM/SU/1974/K27+
L.(L.)turanicaOld Worldnot chosen
L.(L.)venezuelensisOld WorldMHOM/VE/1981/PMH17+
L.(V.)braziliensisNew WorldMHOM/BR/1975/M2904
L.(V.)braziliensisNew WorldMHOM/BR/1994/M14945
L.(V.)braziliensisNew WorldMHOM/BR/1975/M2903
L.(V.)braziliensisNew WorldMHOM/BR/1984/LTB300+
L.(V.)colombiensis*New WorldIHAR/CO/1985/CL500

S = Sauroleishmania.
Type status of reference strain:* = holotype; ** paratype; *** = neotype.
+ recommended by WHO (1990)
1 There is controversy as to the inclusion of these parasites within the genus Leishmania
World Health Organization. Control of the leishmaniasis. Report of a WHO Expert Committee. Wld Hlth Org Techn Rep Ser 1990; 793:1-158.