Leishmania Strain Reference List


Leishmania Strain Reference List
Leishmania Species (ICN)sort iconLocationInternational Code Number
S.tarentolaeOld World
S. hoogstraaliOld WorldRHEM/SD/1963/NG26
S.gymnodactyliOld World
S.adleriOld World
L.(V.)utingensisNew WorldITUB/BR/1977/M4694
L.(V.)shawi*New WorldMCEB/BR/1984/M8408
L.(V.)peruvianaNew WorldMHOM/PE/1984/LC39
L.(V.)panamensisNew WorldMHOM/PA/1971/LS94+
L.(V.)naiffi*New WorldMDAS/BR/1979/M5533
L.(V.)lindenbergiNew WorldMHOM/BR/1996/M15733

S = Sauroleishmania.
Type status of reference strain:* = holotype; ** paratype; *** = neotype.
+ recommended by WHO (1990)
1 There is controversy as to the inclusion of these parasites within the genus Leishmania
World Health Organization. Control of the leishmaniasis. Report of a WHO Expert Committee. Wld Hlth Org Techn Rep Ser 1990; 793:1-158.