Leishmaniasis Discussion Forum

This is the discussion forum and searcheable archive for the International Leishmaniasis Network.

The network consists of discussion groups and more structured topic areas, e.g., identification, characterization, epidemiology, therapy, etc. Menu categories will also be developed for directories of research projects, individual investigators and their interests; newsletters; specialized software; troubleshooting; recommended standards for specific areas; nomenclature and taxonomy; available reagents and strains held in cryobanks.

Topic areas (discussion groups leading to recommendation of standards in the following areas - maybe others; need to identify moderators for each; have some volunteers and some suggestions for other topic leaders):

  • reference strains
  • standards for characterization biological; immunological; biochemical (isoenzymes); DNA techniques
  • clinical data requirements visceral; cutaneous; mucosal; contributory factors; phagolysosomes
  • drug resistance surveillance data

The intention of this forum is to offer a space for this discussion and help identify other topic areas of interest.