Leishmania Epidemiology


Geographical Distribution of the Neotropical Leishmania Species Found in Man and Their Pathologies
COUNTRYsort iconSPECIESType of Disease
BrazilL.(L.) sp.CL 5
BrazilL.(V.) braziliensisCL,MCL
BrazilL.(V.) guyanensisCL,MCL
BrazilL.(V.) lainsoniCL
BrazilL.(V.) naiffiCL
BrazilL.(V.) shawiCL
ColombiaL.(L.) amazonensisCL, ADCL
ColombiaL.(L.) chagasiVL
ColombiaL.(L.) mexicanaCL, ADCL
ColombiaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL, MCL

1 CL = Cutaneous leishmaniasis, ADCL = Anergic diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis, MCL= Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, VL= Visceral leishmaniasis;
2 In cases of ADCL;
3 Only recorded in a small region of Bahia State, BR;
4 Only in Rio de Janeiro, BR;
5 Localized in Minas Gerais, BR;
6 In Texas on the Mexico/U.S.A. border;
7 Bone marrow only;