Leishmania Epidemiology


Geographical Distribution of the Neotropical Leishmania Species Found in Man and Their Pathologies
COUNTRYsort iconSPECIESType of Disease
GuatemalaL.(L.) mexicanaCL
GuatemalaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL
GuyanaL.(V.) guyanensisCL
GuyanaLeishmania sp.MCL
HondurasL.(L.) chagasiVL, CL
HondurasL.(L.) mexicanaCL, ADCL
HondurasL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL, MCL
HondurasL.(V.) panamensisCL, MCL
MartiniqueL.(L.) sp.CL
MexicoL.(L.) chagasiVL

1 CL = Cutaneous leishmaniasis, ADCL = Anergic diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis, MCL= Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, VL= Visceral leishmaniasis;
2 In cases of ADCL;
3 Only recorded in a small region of Bahia State, BR;
4 Only in Rio de Janeiro, BR;
5 Localized in Minas Gerais, BR;
6 In Texas on the Mexico/U.S.A. border;
7 Bone marrow only;