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Geographical Distribution of the Neotropical Leishmania Species Found in Man and Their Pathologies
COUNTRYsort iconSPECIESType of Disease
ArgentinaL.(L.) chagasiVL
ArgentinaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL
BelizeL.(L.) mexicanaCL
BelizeL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL
BoliviaL.(L.) amazonensisCL, ADCL
BoliviaL.(L.) chagasiVL
BoliviaL.(L.) sp.CL
BoliviaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL, MCL
BrazilL.(L.) amazonensisCL, ADCL, MCL 2 , VL 3
BrazilL.(L.) chagasiVL, (CL 4 )