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Geographical Distribution of the Neotropical Leishmania Species Found in Man and Their Pathologies
COUNTRYsort iconSPECIESType of Disease
PeruL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL, MCL
PeruL.(V.) braziliensis/L.(V.) peruvianaCL, MCL
ParaguayL.(L.) chagasiVL
ParaguayL.(L.) amazonensisCL, ADCL
PanamaLeishmania sp.MCL
PanamaL.(V.) panamensisCL
PanamaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL
PanamaL.(L.) aristedesiCL
NicaraguaL.(V.) panamensisCL, MCL
NicaraguaL.(V.) braziliensis s.l.CL, MCL